All-Natural, Home-Made Dog Food and Treats

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Peoplefood for Dogs is a pre-made frozen supplemental food for sick or old dogs, or for your pup with food issues.  It can be used to feed your dogs or even as a treat in a Kong stuffer!

If you don’t have time to cook – I already did! I use all human-grade ingredients, no additives, and no food coloring – just good food bought at local grocery stores. Frozen in 1 lb cups to make storage and defrosting easy.

Dog food is made from boiled chicken that is frozen and hand-processed to get rid of all the fat. Then the rice and oatmeal are boiled in the broth – nothing is lost!

The chicken is run through a grinder after cooking, when mixed with hot water it will dissolve and make a broth. If you are concerned with your dog’s water-intake, this is a good way to get him to drink more. And it has no salt in it!

All ingredients are bought at grocery stores; I wash, peel and cook them carefully, just like you would. If I wouldn’t eat it, your dog isn’t going to either. I freeze the foods as soon as I have packed them, so I don’t have to use preservatives – you get only what is stated in the name, nothing else.

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3 Responses to “All-Natural, Home-Made Dog Food and Treats”

  1. brandy Boysen says:

    i shared your link on my FacewBook.
    Thank you, Dee, for all your hard work, and making great treats for our furbabies.
    And for all the help with the rescues. it’s nice to have people that care!

  2. Gary Alan says:

    I think the real advantage of home made dog food is you are able to choose the ingredients and make sure that they are fresh and free from preservatives and chemicals.

  3. admin says:

    You are, of course, right. And another advantage is that you can alter the ingredients for your dogs specific needs. For example, as a dog ages, it doesn’t process protein as well. That means the amount of protein in it’s diet needs to be increased. They need less fat but more real meat. When you make their food, it’s much easier to comply with changing needs like that.

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