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Dee Finch  was born and raised in Germany.

“When I came to VA, I realized that I get along great with older people, so I became an LPN. In my free time, I have fostered over 300 pets. That led to my starting a company -Peoplefood for Dogs.”

All of the recipes made by Peoplefood for Dogs have been helpful to Dee at one time or another while fostering over 150 dogs. Her vet has used her foods in treating Parvo puppies and helping older dogs back on their feet. All American Mutt Rescue uses Peoplefood for Dogs to help wean puppies – the pups like it better and it doesn’t cause their tummies to be so upset.

The Young and the Young-at-Heart
Have an old dog who doesn’t want to eat dry kibble anymore or a puppy who chews on everything he can get his teeth on? Try my chicken, sweet potato and oatmeal. Straight from the cup into the Kong, the puppy will want to chew the Kong instead of your slipper. Mixed with hot water and poured over the kibble, the older dog will want to eat again.

A Little Chubby?
Have a chubby dog that needs to lose weight but you can’t seem to get him interested in diet dry food? Chicken and oatmeal to the rescue! Mix it with hot water, defrosted or fresh vegetables and pour it over a new diet food. Chubby will think he had this fantastic gourmet meal and never know he started a diet!

Sensitive Systems
One of your dogs has a grain allergy and you can never find a good treat for him? Chicken, white and sweet potato has no grains, can be put in a Kong, can be served as a snack or mixed with dry food.

Eat your Veggies
Does your dog have kidney problems? Do you have to watch how much protein is in his food? Chicken, rice and mixed vegetables is a great snack or treat and has less protein then other treats.

Chicken and Rice

If your dog is sick, has digestive issues, is recuperating from surgery or your vet has told you to feed chicken and rice for some other reason, cooking it makes a mess and is time consuming and expensive.

When my dogs were sick, my vet told me to cook one part chicken and two parts rice – and that is what I do for you.

I make sure to take off all visible fat, so as not to upset delicate or compromised tummies. Nothing is added, I do exactly what you would be doing, if you had the time.

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