I am happy to be introduced to Peoplefood for Dogs. PeopleFood is made from all natural ingredients purchased at local grocery stores. It is made without chemicals, preservatives or additives. It is a delicious all-natural frozen snack food for the most finicky eaters!- Bonz 2 Chew:

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“…perfect for those times when Sumner’s stomach is popping and hissing. Now I can just defrost the container and we’re good to go!” – Life on the Leash

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“Dee Finch feeds chunks of boiled chicken into the top of a food grinder. With nostrils flaring, four dogs at her feet watch, poised to pounce on any morsel that drops to the floor.” - News & Advance

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“Looking for a nutritious snack or a supplement for a picky eater? We recently had the chance to sample the variety of supplemental foods from Peoplefood for Dogs.” – Dog Tipper

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“I have always wanted to be able to feed my dogs this way, but the inconvenience of boiling the chicken myself and adding the ingredients was just too much for me. With this product, you just buy and serve. Everything comes to you fresh. The food is packaged and frozen. When mine arrived, they were still partially frozen, and I refrigerated them immediately.” – Saving with Mamma Nordy

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2 Responses to “Testimonies”

  1. Roxanne Snow says:

    Is this food alright to feed diabetic dogs? I saw no mention of this.

  2. admin says:

    Roxanne, the chicken and rice, oatmeal and rice are 2/3 rice or oatmeal and 1/3 chicken. I don’t think that is ideal for diabetics. I started with those for dogs after surgery and old dogs with sensitive digestive systems. They need the easier to digest starches to keep from having attacks. The sweet potato, oatmeal and chicken is 1/3, 1/3/, 1/3 – that might be a little better.
    I belong to diabetespets@yahoo.com. That might be a group you want to join. Folks are very helpful and friendly. They have all the homemade food recipes, conversion charts, what wet food and what dry food is good right there on the site. Once you settle on something, I’d be happy to cook and freeze it for you.
    The treats pass muster, many folks in the group feed chicken as a snack and almost all the dogs get green beans. I invented the pizza beans for diabetics specifically. I make them as crunchy as potato chips so they have that crunch enjoyment. Hope that helps!

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